HMS Basilisk (H11)

Basilisk in the Mediterranean, 21 October, 1937. Photo in the collection of the US Navy History & Heritage Command.

Ship Class
Ship Type
Laid Down

HMS Basilisk was a B-class destroyer laid down 19 August, 1929. Commissioned 4 March, 1931, Basilisk served with the Mediterranean Fleet's 4th Destroyer Flotilla until reassigned to the Home Fleet in September, 1936. She participated in the blockade of Spain during the Spanish Civil War, and was dispatched to Málaga in February, 1937, to make Frano release a British zoologist who had been arrested for supporting the Republicans. Basilisk spent the first seven months of World War II on convoy duty and patrols of the Channel and North Sea, before she was committed to the Norwegian campaign. Basilisk saw combat at the tail end of the ongoing Battle of Narvik, in May, 1940. She was committed to the Dunkirk evacuation later that month, making two trips on 31 May, 1940, before she was sunk by German bombers on 1 June. Basilisk settled on the bottom in shallow water, so her wreck was demolished by HMS Whitehall with gunfire and torpedoes.