HMS Badsworth (L03)

Badsworth under tow on the River Mersey in 1941, probably in August. Royal Navy photo, in the collections of the Imperial War Museums.

Ship Class
Ship Type
Laid Down

HMS Badsworth (L03) was a Type II Hunt-class destroyer escort. Ordered in 1939, Badsworth completed in August, 1941, and deployed on convoy escort in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean. In June, 1942, she struck a mine while escorting a convoy into Malta. She survived, but was laid up for repairs until November. She then deployed to the Arctic, escorting a Murmansk convoy. In April, 1943, Badsworth escorted another convoy to Malta, and hit another mine. After repairs, she was transferred to the Norwegian government-in-exhile and renamed Arendal. She saw action against E-boats laying mines in the Thames River in March, 1945, and was part of the escort for the return or the royal family to Norway after the Germans surrendered. Arendal also brought home the ashes of 400 Norwegians who had died in the UK during World War II. Norway purchased the ship in 1946, and she remained in Norwegian service, reduced to a training role in 1956. Decommissioning in 1961, Arendal was held in reserve until she was scrapped in 1965.