HMS Activity (D94)

Activity underway in the Firth of Forth, Scotland, c.October, 1942. Photo in the collections of the Imperial War Museums.

Ship Class
Laid Down

Laid down on 1 February, 1940 as the refrigerated cargo ship Telemachus, this ship was was taken over by the Ministry of War and renamed Empire Activity a year later. In January, 1942, work began to convert her to an escort carrier, and her name was shortened to Activity. HMS Activity (D94) commissioned on 29 September, 1942, and entered service after her working up period the following January. She spent her first ten months as a deck landing training carrier, and entered Liverpool for combat refit in October, 1943. Embarking 819 Naval Air Squadron, Activity ran escort missions in the Atlantic, and in March-April, 1944, she escorted convoy JW-58 to Murmansk without loss, killing two and damaging three U-boats in the process. Activity continued to operate in the European theater until January, 1945, when she transferred to the Pacific. Activity served as an aircraft ferry until the end of the War, when she supported the reoccupation of Singapore. Placed in reserve in January, 1946, Activity was sold to the Glen Lines for reconversion to a merchant ship. Renamed Breconshire, she served as a general cargo ship until April, 1967, when she was sold for scrap.