HMCS Pictou (K146)

Pictou in company of a convoy, late in World War II. Photo in the collection of the Naval Museum of Alberta.

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HMCS Pictou (K146) was a Flower-class corvette built for the Royal Canadian Navy. Commissioned 29 April, 1941, she ran convoy escort in the Atlantic for most of the War, and was one of the first two corvettes to make the full trans-Atlantic run. On 5 August, 1942, Pictou was rammed by a Norwegian merchant while in a dense fog, and was not back in service until December. However, she soon came down with a bad case of mechanical trouble, putting her back in the builders yards until May, 1943. After a refit in the New York Navy Yard from January to June, 1944, Pictou returned to escort duty, and was soon assigned to HX 300, the largest merchant convoy of the War. The 156 merchants and thirty-two escorts arrived off the British Isles 2 August, 1944, after crossing with no losses. Pictou was decommissioned 12 July, 1945, and sold into civilian service as Olympic Chaser in 1950, continuing to hunt underwater things as a whaler. She was sold again in 1956, and renamed Otori Maru No. 7, and converted to a barge in 1963. Records of her seem to end here.