Fin de la Guerre (1585)

Illustration of Fin de la Guerre by Frans Hogenberg. Original image in public domain.


During the Spanish Siege of Antwerp in 1585, the Dutch rebels tried to relieve the city by sending in a heavily-armed fighting ship. Named Fin de la Guerre, End of the War, she was built less for sail handling, and more as an artillery platform. Fin may even have been protected by iron plates, which would have made her one of the first ironclads, but this point is contended. However, she drew too much water for the area, and ran aground during her first deployment. Fin made a second attempt, but this was also unsuccessful, and the port fell to the Spanish. Fin's ultimate fate is unknown, but she was probably burned to avoid capture.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: The Spanish nicknamed Fin de la Guerre "Los gastos perdidos," or "The Lost Expenditure." Ouch!