Changzheng 5 (1990)

Changzheng 5 on the surface in 1993. US Department of Defense photo.

Ship Class
Ship Type

The 长征5 (Changzheng 5) is a Type 091 (NATO callsign "Han-class") nuclear submarine of the Chinese Navy. Changzheng 5 was launched in 1990, and commissioned in 1991. She has six tubes, capable of launching torpedoes, mines, and the C-801 'Sardine' anti-shipping missile. Like the rest of her class, Changzheng 5 suffers from poor radiation shielding and a loud noise signature. These are byproducts of being the last of a class begun in the 1960s based on 1950s technology. She has been limited to local operations, and is unable to fire her missiles while submerged. However, along with several of her sisters, Changzheng 5 received an upgraded sonar array, and new noise-reduction panels. She is believed to still be in service, but the class is being phased out for newer models.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: All of China's nuclear submarines are named Changzheng, after the Long March that the Communist Chinese undertook in the 1930s to evade the Nationalists.