ARA Drummond (P-31)

Drummond c.2004. Uploaded to Wikimedia by Martin.Otero.

Laid Down

Originally the SAS Good Hope, this corvette was laid down in France in 1976. Commissioned into the South African Navy the next year, she was undergoing sea trials with her new South African crew, when the UN blocked the sale over apartheid. Good Hope was subsequently sold to Argentina on 9 November, 1978, commissioning as ARA Drummond (P-1). Active during the Falklands War, Drummond covered the Argentine landings at Port Stanley, then took up station to the North of the islands with the mission of picking off stray British ships. Her only other action was escaping the submarine HMS Splendid. She sank the Fletcher-class destroyer ARA Almirante Domecq Garcia (ex-USS Braine) in a missile exercise the following year. In 1985, Drummond received the new hull number P-31. She participated in the blockade of Haiti in 1994, and, on a lighter note, has served as an escort ship for tall ships races between Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. She has a top speed of 23.3 knots, and packs four Exocets and a 100mm gun as her primary armament. While Drummond is still in service, she and her sister ships have not been very active since 2012, due to lack of funding.