Aquidabã (1885)

Aquidabã c.1893, when she visited the US for a naval review. Photo in the collection of the US Library of Congress.

Ship Class
Laid Down

Aquidabã was a Brazilian ironclad battleship, laid down in 1883 by Samuda Brothers in England. She was launched in January, 1885, and sailed for Brazil that December. In 1891, and 1893-4, Aquidabã participated in two separate Naval mutinies. On 16 April, 1894, during the latter of these, she became the target of the first use of torpedoes by the Brazilian Navy, when torpedo boats attacked the rebellious ships. Aquidabã was hit by two torpedoes and sank in shallow water. She was refloated that year, renamed first Dezesseis de Abril (16 April), then Vinte e Quatro de Maio (24 May), before she was sent to Germany and England for repair and refit. After her return to Brazil, she regained the name Aquidabã in 1900. After an additional refit at home in 1904, she was used as a training ship and in experiments with wireless telegraphy. Aquidabã's magazines exploded on the night of 21 January, 1906, killing two-thirds of her crew, including three admirals.

Bonus Photos

Aquidabã after her 1898 refit. The heavy masts were removed in 1904. Brazilian Navy photo.