Anton Haus

Portrait of Anton Haus, created in 1914 by Carl Pietzner. Original in the collections of the Austrian Archives.

Born: 1851
Years of Service

Born in 1851, Anton Haus joined the Austro-Hungarian Navy in 1869, and became a distinguished instructor at the Imperial and Royal Naval Academy. Haus commanded a corvette during the Boxer Rebellion, and was promoted to Vizeadmiral in 1907. In 1912, Haus was made the Fleet Inspector, and the next year was given command of the Austro-Hungarian fleet. During World War I, Haus employed his light units in active combat, while using his battlefleet as a deterrent, and advocated for unrestricted submarine warfare. Haus was promoted to Grossadmiral in 1916, and died of pneumonia in February, 1917. Burried in Pola, Haus' remains were moved to Vienna when the territory was given to Italy after the Armistice.