Battle of Fehmarn, 1644

Contemporary depiction of the Battle by Johan Peter Lotichius. Original in the public domain.

Location Fehmarn, Baltic Sea

The Battle of Fehmarn was another brawl between the navies of Scandanavia. Taking place on 13 October, 1644, it involved seventeen ships belonging to the combined kingdom of Denmark-Norway on one side, against sixteen Swedish ships with a hired Dutch contingent of twenty-one ships. The Swedish-Dutch fleet divided into five squadrons for the battle, while the Danish-Norwegians divided into two. Besides their superior numbers, the Swedes made good use of two fire ships. Despite their flagship being forced to break off early in the action, the Swedes and Dutch picked the smaller fleet apart, capturing ten of them, and destroying another two, to the loss of a single Dutch ship. Casualties on both sides were light, with 159 total dead, but 1,000 Danes were captured. The battle resulted in Sweden achieving naval dominance in the Baltic, and led to the end of the Torstenson War the following August.