Frank in his natural habitat

About the S.S. Frank Shepherd

Frank was laid down in 1986 and launched about 9 months later. After eighteen years of trials, he commissioned from high school and was taken in for a modernization program at Plymouth State University, emerging with a BA in History. The modernization also involved the installation of some English equipment, courtesy of the University of Winchester.

Frank is deployed with the New Hampshire Historical Society, assisting with cataloging their collections, and is always seeking out new knowledge. He specializes in maritime history and is especially interested in the Pacific Campaign of World War II.

Other hobbies include SCUBA diving, target shooting (both archery and firearms), miniatures wargaming, and scale model building. If anything could compete with Frank's love of history, it would be his love of giant robots, particularly Gundams. And cranberry sauce.

About Naval Theater

Frank's obsession with maritime history dates back to a young age. He watched old Victory at Sea re-runs with his father as a toddler, and both parents are history buffs, and it influenced him greatly. Frank used to re-enact naval battles with self made models for his family to watch. His father affectionately called it "Naval Theater". The title of this site is in tribute to that.

For a number of years, Frank has posted information about a ship, admiral, or battle, for his friends to enjoy. After much encouragement, this website was created to give a wider audience access to this information.

The purpose of Naval Theater is to share Frank's love of maritime history with people, and to provide a jumping-off point for further research. It is Frank's hope that this website will be interesting to casual readers and fellow maritime history buffs alike.