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HMS Astute (S119)

Astute returning to the British naval base at Clyde, Scotland, in 2012, following her deployment to the US. Royal Navy photo.

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HMS Astute (S119) is one of the newest nuclear subs to enter service with the Royal Navy, and the lead of her class. She packs six 533mm (21") tubes, that can launch either Tomahawk missiles, or Spearfish torpedoes. Astute was laid down on 31 January, 2001, and launched in June, 2007, nearly four years late. She was finally commissioned on 27 August, 2010. She was plagued with problems early on, including, but not limited to, being forced to conduct an emergency surfacing in 2012, and running aground on 22 October, 2010. On 8 April, 2011, one of her crew, heavily drunk, opened fire inside the submarine, killing one of her officers. Her weapons trials in late 2011, however, were excellent, and also impressed the US Navy with Astute's capabilities. She conducted her first active deployment between February and October, 2014.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: Astute was laid down on the 100th Anniversary of the laying down of HMS Holland 1, the first submarine of the Royal Navy.