Battle of Arnemuiden, 1338

15th century painting of the Battle of Arnemuiden by Jean de Froissart. Original in the collections of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek.

Location Walcheren Island, Netherlands

The Battle of Arnemuiden was fought on 23 September, 1338, near the beginning of the Hundred Years War. Forty-eight French galleys intercepted five English great carracks or cogs, which were transporting wool to Antwerp, to fund part of the Hundred Years War. Some of the English were still ashore, making the discrepency in numbers worse, but one of the English ships, Christopher, had three cannons, to slightly even the odds. It wasn't enough, but did make this the first naval battle in Europe involving artillery. Despite the odds, the English managed to hold off the French all day, but were finally forced to surrender. Casualties numbered around 1,000 on the English side, and 900 on the French. The French took the ships and cargo, but massacred the prisoners.