Battle of Angamos, 1879

Huáscar struggles against a Chilean frigate in this painting of the Battle. Original in the collection of the Chilean National History Museum.

Location Punta Angamos, Bolivia (now Chile)

During the War of the Pacific, Chilean and Peruvian naval forces clashed several times. The five month long campaign culminated on 8 October, 1879, when a Chilean squadron consisting of the armored frigates Blanco Encalada and Almirante Cochrane, accompanied by a schooner, corvette, and two transports, tracked down and engaged the Peruvian ironclad Huáscar and her escorting corvette Unión. The Chileans caught the Peruvians in a pincer attack. Unión was able to escape with higher speed, but Huáscar was forced to fight the Chileans alone. Things went downhill immediately for Huáscar, as the first hits penetrated her turret, and disabled her rudder. Despite impressive bravado of the Peruvian crew, including repairing the rudder twice, Huáscar was forced to surrender after a grueling three-hour gunfight. She was captured, and taken into the Chilean Navy, which had freedom of action for the remainder of the War.


Fun Fact: Huáscar never actually surrendered to the Chileans. Her flag was shot off twice by Chilean gunfire. A similar situation had happened to the Chile's Magallanes previously.