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USS Frank Cable (AS-40)

Frank Cable in Hong Kong with USS Honolulu and USS La Jolla in 2006. US Navy submarines are not allowed to moor to the mainland in Hong Kong, so they tied up alongside Frank Cable instead. US Navy photo.

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This is the USS Frank Cable (AS-40), one of the last two submarine tenders active in the US Navy. Laid down on 2 March, 1976, Cable commissioned 29 October, 1979. Based out of Charleston, South Carolina, Cable served with Submarine Squadron 4 until 1996. The Navy started to decommission her, but changed their minds and redeployed her to the Western Pacific to replace the USS Holland (AS-32) and has been based out of Guam since then. In 2006, Cable suffered a ruptured steam line, which killed two crew, and injured an additional six. She continued operations after repairs, and is still in active service.

Bonus Information

Fun Fact: Frank Cable has earned seven Meritorious Unit Commendations, nine Battle Effectiveness Awards, and the Humanitarian Service Medal.